Nutitional Therapy Services

Individualized care that serves you. Functional Nutrition. Optimal wellness for life.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a process of implementing whole foods, supplements, and lifestyle reccomendations that lead to wholebody wellness. Nutritional Therapy is foundational support to all health concerns/needs. From autoimmune health support, fertility, weightloss and everything in between, Nutritional Therapy provides longterm and short term guidance for optimal health and breakthrough!

How can Nutritional Therapy Serve You?

I have worked with many clients with varying health concerns through Nutritional Therapy. A common word I’ve heard is, “I have been told there’s nothing I can do” or “I just want to know that there is hope” and “I’ve tried everything out there myself and nothing works”. One of the biggest obstacles in life and health can be ourselves. Seeking out care or the expertise of someone we trust, can create an opportunity for breakthrough. Once we realize that help is not for the broken, it’s for the freed, we become healed enough to serve others with our testimony, our courage and our ability to be present. The intent is to remove the stressors, syptoms, hurts and hardships, and replace these with: whole foods, restorative habits, mindset shift, emotional healing and conscious living. Nutritional Therapy is for EVERYONE.

Begin Your Journey Now.

This is the most exciting step yet! Begin your journey with me by selecting your appointment type or package option below. I promise you, this journey will not only transform your health, my genuine hope is that it gives you Light into many places where you’ve felt unheard, in the dark or lost without answers. Work with me and I’ll give you all that I have to offer, knowledge, determination and hope filled care are what you can expect. 

Initial General Consultation

  • *60 Minute Initial Consultation
  • Detailed Health History
  • Review Food & Mood Journal
  • Review Lifestyle Habits Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire Analysis
  • Personalized Dietary & Lifestyle Protocol
  • Nutrition Education & Resources

Price: $350.00


45-Minute Follow-Up Session

In our follow up sessions, we will review progress and reassess your plan of care. We will consider adjusting supplements, macros, lifestyle changes and implement further steps to your healing journey.

Price: $140.00


Client Testimonials

I decided to make an appointment with Piper after years of stomach issues, irregular cycles, and many doctors trying to give me a different pill for all my problems. From the very beginning Piper listened to my concerns and came back with a plan tailored for my specific needs. She really helped me understand how much diet can affect your whole body. After 2 months I have regular periods and my stomach issues have completely subsided! She is fantastic at what she does and really cares about her clients.

~ K. Stearns

Client Testimonials

Piper helped me learn how to make easy, simple meals, that were also nutrient dense,   apart of my everyday life. Eating this way helped balance my hormones and blood sugars. I was having bad digestion and irregular periods and she helped me find the root cause of those issues and work from there. I was trying for a year to conceive and it finally happened!! Thank you for all of your help, Piper!
~ J.Lichti

Client Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things about Piper! I had the pleasure of working with her over several months and have been completely blown away with her professionalism, knowledge, and sweet spirit. She helped me not only regulate my hormones after many years of irregular periods, but she also helped me create new habits to improve my digestion and anxiety! Admittedly, I was a little nervous to divulge my eating habits initially, but not once did I feel judged or pressured to make drastic changes. Instead, she helped me find small ways of modifying my diet slowly over time so that it never seemed overwhelming. As a healthcare professional myself, I wish that western medicine curriculum would incorporate some of the information Piper is so educated on. Working with Piper has given me the push I needed to start taking care of myself in a holistic way and I am feeling better than I have in years!

~ A. Hartman

Client Testimonials

I started working with piper 6 months ago. I was in the middle of a traumatic life changing event. I felt terrible physically, emotionally, and mentally. I told Piper I was an all or nothing kind of person and I wanted to jump right in, no baby steps for me. I was ready to feel better ASAP.  We started with diet changes and added a couple of supplements. During these 6 months we have met about once a month to update my program. Piper is very empathetic and encouraging. When I have been discouraged and down, she is always ready with a motivating word or helpful tip. I feel very comfortable being honest and vulnerable with Piper.   When we started I was on a handful of prescriptions from everything to pre-diabetes to cholesterol.  I have a congenital heart defect and a few other chronic health conditions. Lets talk about how far I’ve come in 6 months. I am off all prescription medication! My thyroid is normal, my cholesterol is normal, my A1c is almost normal. I am finally sleeping at night. I used to take something every night to sleep. I now sleep harder and better with out any medication. My biggest change is my breathing. When I take a walk my pace has dramatically increased and I am walking father and farther. I never thought I would seen an increase in my cardio levels. With my heart condition it is supposed to get worse every year, not better!   Every time I go for a walk and my pace increases my mind is blown. If you are considering changing your life and you’re feeling called to work with Piper, do it. You won’t regret it. the journey may not be easy but the rewards are so worth it! 

~ K. Rosser


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