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Soaking, Pickling & Fermenting Made Simple

Where you can find humanely raised meat, raw dairy and local co-ops near you!

Below I have compiled some incredible resources to help you get to know your farmers! You’ll find links to humanely raised meat options, raw dairy and co-ops for quality humanely raised whole foods! I know how challenging this can be, so my hope is that this makes it easier on you and your family. Your efforts to live consciously make a big difference!

Books I Recommend You Read

 Find all of my favorite recommended wellness and health literature here. I update this frequently with new books I read, so check back frequently for new reads! Click “Pipers Book Club” below for my must reads! 

Piper’s Book Club

Collective Guides to help you on your health journey!

Soaking, Pickling & Fermenting Made Simple

Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy Resources


Podcasts I love

I wanted to have a location where y’all can find my must listen podcasts! Here’s the lineup my friends, enjoy and keep on keepin’ on!


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